The Ultimate New Year Gift to Parents

To be perfectly honest, I had been through a string of setbacks in my gifting life. Selecting gift is the hardest part of human relationship, which is totally a distressful black box.

Two years ago, I seriously suggested sending an Amazon Gift Card as a present via Email to one of my friends, Simon who was racking his brain for her birthday present. I have no idea why both of us did not realise the potential risk within it, as for the result, you can imagine, the girl friend was furious that took three days for reconciliation. Poor Simon, isn’t he? But I still do get it for now, why “gift card” cannot be a gift on earth?

Nevertheless, learned from this bloody case: MONEY IS NOT A GIFT!

The creed works fine until this Chinese New Year. Perhaps many of you would agree that the search of proper presents for parents are exhausting. So do I. For the last month, I spent several hours on this mission. The tricky part of it was what gift I sent would not receive blames from my parents because like many Chinese elderships, spending money on them is deemed a sort of extravagant life style. Thus, parental gift becomes a dilemmatic option: you gift, you are extravagant; you do not gift, you are filial carelessness.

Eventually, I find an elixir.

Parents do not want a physical gift since they are provident (what a wonderful word I choose), while they hate to see I gift at all neither because present is a symbol of warm regards from children. Therefore, what they are looking is an economically non-physical gift which is – MONEY!

Yes. What parents want is exact the last thing a girl friend want. Parents would be hilarious to get money and save it for their children. No one gets financial lost and all of us are happy.

If you are not satisfy with this sort of superficial gift, let me provide one enhanced version. The ultimate new year gift for parents: a one-year period fixed deposits account. Making it more visual: save the money into Alipay, and your parents can vividly see the daily profits on every single morning via smart phones. I promise it is really brilliant gift because it worked on my parents.

Happy Chinese New Year!