Why Business Cards Still Exist?

On the cards from The Economist

The business world is obsessed with the notion of disruptive innovation. But there are lots of things that do not need to be disrupted or innovated. Your columnist finds paper diaries less fiddly than electronic ones. Having dinner with someone is a better way of getting to know them than Skypeing. And exchanging business cards still seems to be an excellent way to initiate a lasting relationship. The ritual swapping of paper rectangles may be old-fashioned but on it will go.

The author has a point on scepticism towards obsession of disruptive innovation, but it doesn’t match the business card issue. The only reason of why business cards still exist, in my view, is merely because electronic business card or anything else similarity are not snappy enough.

Interestingly, perhaps people’s tolerance is much greater than we expected. I saw many people in China would rather scanning WeChat QR code (such an inhuman way) to get contact info than exchanging business cards. Or in some places, business card is just a subtle way you get one’s phone number for getting WeChat account.